Speed Watch

May 2015

There are now 8 trained volunteers and Speed Watch is taking place 2 or 3 times a week for 1 hour at Stiby Road (east).  Contact the co-ordinator Derek Lowe dlowe5353@gmail.com for further information.  More volunteers are welcome – the more we have the more effective we’ll be in reducing speeding and improving safety.

December 2014

Seven volunteers received Speed Watch training on Wednesday 10th December at Yeovil Police Station and we plan to start speed watch events early in 2015.  Contact Chris Adcock 01935 478548 ccfadcock@hotmail.com if you are interested in joining the team.

August 2014

Good news! Speedwatch including in the 20 mph zone can go ahead after volunteers have completed 75 minutes of formal training at the police station and risk assessment of the proposed initial Speedwatch site.  We are looking initially at Stiby Road east of the co-op where 65% of vehicles are speeding and 76 a day are over 30 mph. The training can accommodate up to 12 volunteers.

Please consider whether you would like to commit to do the training and take part in occasional Speedwatch events.  Contact Chris Adcock 01935 478548 ccfadcock@hotmail.com if interested.  Thanks to Annie Adcock, Lin & Steve Harding, Michal Wysocki, Becky Gill, Chris Panton, Paul Hopkins, Trish Foster and Derek Lowe who have expressed support.

There will be an illuminated speed-indicating device (SID) at Stiby Road in the week beginning 29th September.

Feb 2013

We are now expecting speed monitoring at Westfield and Stiby Roads by the Highways Dept.  This may lead to the installation of speed indicating displays that should help to raise drivers’ and residents’ awareness of actual speeds leading to an improvement in driver compliance to the limits.

Residents have commented on the detrimental impact of speeding in certain areas, notably Larkhill Road and in Stiby Road since the resurfacing.

A Community Speed Watch scheme has already been run at Larkhill Road by the Lark Community Association.  This has now ended and we have been informed that traffic calming will be introduced at Larkhill road in association with the housing and roads development at Brimsmore.

Many people have commented on an apparent increase in speeding after the resurfacing at Stiby Road.  However, Community Speed Watch is not normally operated in 20 mph zones as they are meant to be self-enforcing.  The WCA committee feels that the traffic calming measures and signage are no longer sufficient to enforce the 20 mph limit and that this is damaging quality of life and safety, especially of the hundreds of children who walk to school here.  Since the Highways Dept. are planning to extend similar resurfacing to the rest of Stiby Road and Westfield Road we wish to urge them to review the traffic calming measures as a priority task before undertaking these works.

Do you feel strongly about this problem?  You can report your concerns to the County Council Highways Department at:


The WCA chairman has written to the deputy chief executive at Somerset County Council regarding this matter.

The letter can be seen on this link.

Following correspondence:

David Laws MP wrote to Chief Executive at SCC (not available)

Reply to David Laws MP from Chief Executive

Reply from WCA Chair to David Laws MP

Would you like to help with Speed Watch in any of our streets outside the 20 mph zones?  If so, please contact the chairman at chair@wcaonline.org.uk or 01935 478548.

You will receive some training by the police and Speed Watch events can be arranged to suit volunteers’ availability.

Full details can be found at the Avon and Somerset Police web site.


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